Case Study: Confidential AI Powered Funnel As Safety Net


The company HR team decided to place two sales employees on a performance improvement plan (PIP). With the PIP estimated at a 50% success rate and the alternative being a complicated recruitment process ahead, the client faced a tricky decision: how to prepare for the worst-case scenario while being fully committed to their workforce’s betterment?


With two positions at risk of becoming vacant, but with confidentiality in mind, the client decided to test JoinEight’s AI-powered campaigns’ capabilities. Unlike traditional job postings, JoinEight’s campaigns are not posted anywhere, which means the recruitment efforts can be kept private. This allowed the recruitment team to set up and refine a funnel campaign and have a pipeline of suitable candidates ready and available for hire. In contrast, the HR team could invest their efforts into subpar employees’ personal and professional development.


Of the two employees placed on a performance improvement plan, one did not show significant amelioration by the end of the program and was let go. Thanks to the JoinEight campaign, the company’s interest and their responsibilities to the employees were not mutually exclusive. The hiring manager was able to fill the open position in half the time it would have taken using traditional sourcing methods and with minimal impact on the company’s daily operations.

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