A Diversity-Focused Sourcing Solution

JoinEight analytics provides powerful dashboards with all the tools, resources, and diversity metrics you need to source, collaborate, and hire the best talent.

Collaborate with Equality Lens
Automate Candidate Pipeline
Gap Identifier

Why Use JoinEight

By having metrics driven sourcing and collabration provides a high sought – after opportunity to investigate, identify and track movement of the D&I needle over time.
Attract Diverse Candidates

We work with our clients to make inclusive sourcing a core operating principle.

Build a Strong DEI Strategy

Give every candidate profile equality lens and insights into your progress and understand where the collabration gap is.

Smart Search

Operational approach unearths candidates from underrepresented groups who best fit your search criteria.

Coach Your Hiring Team

Recruiting analytics tool that provides the KPIs, the reporting instruments that measure the progress and performance of hiring team

Stop guessing and Hire the Right Person

JoinEight provides insights to hiring team to fix issues before they become a problem. Stop talking about issues and spend time colabrating and fixing issues instead of looking for them.

All the KPIs that Matter

  • Dozens of out of the box core metrics for tracking candidates engagement.
  • Track performance trends and changes over time.
  • Everything a executive needs to manage and learn the hiring trend.
  • Monitor recruiter and hiring team KPIs, detect changes in trends, peer comparisions, and ramp.
  • Detect and alert managers, hiring team, D&I team, and leaders about issues early before they become major problems.
  • Spend time fixing issues, not looking for them.

" Find the Best Talent Faster with an AI-driven Sourcing Intelligence Platform"

Weave Data into all Parts of the management

  • JoinEight brings data-driven management to all parts of your operational cadence, meeting managers where they are.
  • Share insights and metrics by an email.
  • Embed metrics, dashboards in documents decks, and meeting invites. Infuse your hiring team with data.

Proven, Repeatable Success For The Best Recruiting, & Hiring Teams

Changing Hiring Team Behavior Drives Productivity

One JoinEight customer saw 100% in incremental quarterly candidate engagement and resolving pipeline engagement problem via data driven management.

Drive Higher Productivity Via Better Management

An JoinEight customer saw a 50% rise in candidate engagement. JoinEight identifies a prospecting activity issue that was then managed and resolved.

JoinEight Partnership Offerings

Consulting Services

Our consulting services are designed to make a strategic, holistic and human-centered approach to diversity initiatives work. Our goal is to collaboratively create sustainable impact and positive change in your organization

Training Sessions

Our DEI training sessions are designed to foster impactful dialogue and shared experiences, that lead to intentional action, meaningful self-reflection, and ultimately, personal and organizational transformation.

What Our Clients Say

Tina Rios, CTO

“Even with the best intentions, bias is a tough enemy to battle. I was happy to hear about JoinEight’s focus on diversity and learn firsthand how we can improve our diversity metrics in the hiring process. Now, I am better equipped to rise to the challenge.”

Frequently Asked Questions

How does JoinEight build a diversity pipeline?

Diversity is at the core of our model. We work hard with important advocacy groups and associations to learn about diversity and translate it into features and tools to minimize bias and improve hiring processes.

How do metrics help in achieving diversity targets?

A sound decision process is based on measurable goals and key metrics that can help companies understand if their strategies are working and how to adapt further and grow towards their targets. Metrics also make the system better and the teams using it more accountable.

Can I filter candidates by diversity-related features, such as background?

AI learns fast and learns well, but only what we decide to teach it. To make sure the system is not driven by unconscious bias, diversity characteristics (such as race, gender, ethnicity) are hidden from the sourcing process in the early matching stages.

Ready To See How JoinEight Can Supercharge Your Sourcing Funnel?

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