Case Study: Finding Multilingual Candidates


A company was seeking local qualified job candidates in Canada with industry experience, who also exhibited proficiency in French and English language. It was proving to be difficult, as job candidates tended to embellish their language proficiency. The company’s job board was not yielding the required results. The unique requirement for local candidates that possessed both industry experience and multilingual ability needed outside-the-box candidate sourcing.


Online resume databases and professional networking sites like LinkedIn or Indeed give recruiters access to hundreds of thousands of candidates. Since employing the usual Job Boards was not producing suitable candidates with industry experience and multilingual competence, the employer researched and selected the JoinEight platform solution as an alternative.

The correct combination of keywords employed by the JoinEight platform solution produced more efficient and more targeted search results. In short, the JoinEight platform solution enabled recruiters to locate candidates that more precisely matched their job criteria, thus improving the quality of the candidate pipeline.

The ensuing search produced candidates who possessed demonstrated industry experience and were proficient in both the French and English languages. Equally importantly, the candidates had not yet discovered job opportunities and search output suggested the company’s qualified candidates.


  • With JoinEight’s AI technology, the company created a pipeline of candidates from different sources, who would have otherwise been hard to locate.
  • Immediate and continuous bot contacts automatically delivered by the JoinEight platform ensured the candidates identified remained engaged and moved ahead through each of the screening and interview process steps.
  • The hiring company saved money and resources on tedious work like sourcing, calibrating, predicting, and reaching out to candidates.
  • The sought-after candidates with both industry experience and French and English language proficiency were identified, qualified, interviewed, and hired more efficiently than any previous searches.

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