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Martha S

“When a sudden spike in hiring needs left the company scrambling for solutions, with a limited budget and an overworked team, I was extremely excited to discover JoinEight and learn about the advantages of AI-powered sourcing. Not only did we find the new employees by reducing cost per hire and time, but also we managed to gain better insights into our own culture, by a closer look at the profiles that passed the funnel screening, and those who didn’t.”

-Head of Recruiting

“Talent sourcing for technical jobs is a challenge on its own. Matching a suitable candidate with the specifics of an open position can prove more difficult than expected. And then, there’s the global perspective to consider - how can we truly take advantage of talent pools beyond the borders? Well, JoinEight is how I solved both problems, thanks to its powerful funnel feature. I applied the same set of detailed job parameters to candidates on two continents, reach out to them and close the deal with the best ones, while never having to leave my office (and with time and money to spare).”

-Engineering Manager

Kevin R-EM
Caroline P

“Start-ups are often regarded as the Holy Grail and, by all means, they are. It means the path is not clear cut, the work is hard, and the challenges never stop. For me, one of them was to put on the recruiter hat and make sure my business has the right team to meet its objectives. I was relieved to find JoinEight and see first hand how advances in AI technology translate into real-life solutions for business of all sizes and CEOs with many hats.”

-Start-up CEO

“Juggling the recruitment process for several open positions at the same time can prove a big challenge, even for the best recruiters out there. JoinEight’s enabled us to have uninterrupted access to suitable candidates, with minimum effort spent on repetitive, otherwise time-consuming traditional recruiting tasks. I managed to have a continuous funnel, and my manager was very pleased with the quality of the candidates and the final selection.”

-Senior Recruiter

Jeff A

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