A People-Centric Approach for Hiring

Current skill-based hiring has biases and diverse challenges. The shifting work culture requires a shift in recruitment strategies that are aligned with what employees are seeking in their careers.

JoinEight’s Engagement Tracking System (ETS) is a unique platform that facilitates this initial conversation through an informal meeting. It allows companies to understand and assess candidates better while also sharing with them the vision and objectives of the organization.

Your Candidates are your Customers. Engage them with Engagement Tracking Platform

JoinEight is solving the biggest challenge of hiring and bringing the human connection back. Resumes can identify what we know but not who we are. JoinEight platform connects companies to the professionals who can be their future hires, customers, vendors, or simplynew LinkedIn connections. Combining the best of technology and human ingenuity, we work the way you think.

Cultural fit matters and any time companies have overlooked that, they have faced the retention challenge. Any time one employee leaves, it’s almost like restarting from the beginning.  A team must fit together like the pieces of a puzzle. Cultural fit is the glue that holds a group together and keeps everyone on the same page during disruptive or stressful situations.

Our Features


Seamless Connections

Companies using other ATS or job sites can migrate their existing database by adding the API key. Choose from a pool of pre-screened candidates to send invites, updates, or alerts.

Automated Processes

The unique feature with JoinEight’s ETS is the ability to set a frequency for reminders. It makes it easier to manage candidate responses segregated into categories.


Mobile Application

Our mobile application helps you manage and track your F2F informal events. Our smart software tracks all your engagement metrics. So all you have to do is order the food and drinks.

Advanced Candidate Matching

Access active and passive talent pools at all times using JoinEight’s AI and ML-based predictive recruiting platform. Quickly build candidate pipelines for any new job vacancy.


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