Help, Earn, Refer, and Recruit!

Recruiting Agent is simple, flexible, and extensible. Algorithms connect to open jobs and refer your friends to great companies. Do you know a friend, family member, or work colleague who you think deserves a new opportunity? It’s easy to do, and you’ll earn fantastic rewards! The solution instantly delivers referral awards, helps your network land new jobs, or both in just a few clicks.

How it Works

1 – Register and create your profile

Register for a free account on JoinEigh today and make sure you select industries, companies, and positions relevant to your professional network. Set up alerts to be notified about active campaigns that might be a good fit for the people you can reach.


2 – Share your unique link

Share your unique link with the professionals who count on your expertise. They can log in and upload your profile, which you can then match to suitable existing opportunities. You decide when and with whom to share your referral link and let the AI algorithm do the work for you


3 – Refer, earn, make a difference

Connect your contacts with valuable opportunities worldwide, with just a click. Every trustworthy referral can turn into a successful hire. JoinEight celebrates every successful hire with a monetary bonus. Rejoice in the value you create nurturing a dependable network of professionals.

1 – Connect to JoinEight

Connect to JoinEight using your Google or LinkedIn credentials. It is free, easy, and it opens a world of possibilities

2 – Upload your profile

Import or create your professional profile, making sure to include all relevant education, professional and personal credentials. This will help JoinEight’s algorithm to find the next best opportunity for your career.

3 – Trust your referrer

Let your referrer work their magic and connect you with valuable professional opportunities, as they become available in JoinEight’s recruiting algorithm.

Why Recruiting Agent?

As part of Recruiting Agent, you can access open job campaigns that otherwise would have been difficult for you to access. You can start referring qualified candidates immediately. The power of direct connection with the company means no need to wait for the approval process.


Connect friends and professionals with jobs that match their skills – globally, locally or with remote options.


Instantly help your connections find new opportunities.


Start earning easily when our AI gets to work.


Real-time tracking of referral funnel performance.


Have a Friend Looking for Their Next Career Adventure?

Although referring family, friends, and peers to job openings can open up career doors for them, it can eat into your precious time. Instead of doing back and forth communication, JoinEight’s algorithm matches your connections with jobs aligned to their skills. All it takes is for you to approve the referral and move one step closer to having your connection land their dream job.

Share your Unique Link, Let the Algorithm Do the Rest

  • Sign up and add your contacts or get a unique referral link to share with your contacts.
  • You control where and with whom to share your link.
  • Connect your contacts to global or local opportunities with one click.
  • Share your link, invite people who are looking for new opportunities, and let our algorithm do the rest.


Instant Professional Social Network and Earning!

Recruiting Agent is the first automated process to help your connections find new opportunities while earning simultaneously.

Automated Recruiting Agent

JoinEight’s algorithm matches the contact’s profile with a company’s hiring needs. A successful match will lead to professionals directly hearing from the hiring manager for the next steps.

Privacy Ensured

You have control over your profile visibility. If at any time you wish to discontinue, you can make your profile inactive and reactivate it when you like. Your profile will be restored as it was. Your privacy and data are fully protected.


  • Software Engineer & Senior Software Engineer
  • QA Engineer
  • Data Engineer & Data Scientist
  • Full Stack Developer
  • DevOps Engineer
  • Software Architect
  • Principle Engineer
  • Product Manager
  • Database Engineer


  • Head of Marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • UI & UX
  • Content Writer
  • Creative Director
  • SEO Specialist
  • Marketing Analyst
  • Public Relations Manager
  • Social Media Strategist


  • Legal
  • Project Manager
  • Recruiters & Sourcers
  • Director of Human Resources
  • Executive Assistant
  • Office Manager
  • Director of Accounting
  • Revenue Manager
  • Financial Analyst

Sales & BD

  • Inside Sales Representative
  • Sales Development Representative
  • Regional Manager
  • Business Development Manager
  • Head of Channel Partnership
  • Head of Sales
  • Sales Manager
  • Sales Operations
  • Sales Engineer

We make it possible. You make it happen.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I own my database, or does it merge with the JoinEight talent pool?

We know your connections are the most valuable thing you have in your work and we respect that. You retain full ownership over your database and this will not be merged with JoinEight’s talent pool. If you decide to cancel your subscription, we will store your database and related information for a period of 90 days, in which time you can download it or transfer it as you please. After this time, provided the subscription will not be renewed, your account will be deleted

When do I get paid?

We want to make things easy and attractive for recruiting agents trusting JoinEight to place their highly valued connections. Once the recruitment process is finalized, and the referred person is onboarded, the client has to clear the invoice. You will be paid immediately after that.

Can I customize the link I share with my network?

We are working hard to make sure the most essential tools and features are up and running for you, as well as for companies and candidates. This customization option is not available at this moment, but it is included in planned future steps, and we will make sure you get the news as soon as it becomes available.

Who are your customers? Can agencies also post campaigns?

JoinEight targets companies of all sizes within the US market, but not recruitment agencies. We understand the importance of agencies in the traditional recruitment process; however, we firmly believe it is time we put the AI capabilities at work for the direct benefit of final customers. Our objective is to shorten, streamline, automate the hiring process; in other words, improve the process from one end to the other, and that translates into an unmediated relationship between companies and job intelligence.

Ready To See How JoinEight Can Supercharge Your Professional Network Into Monetization?

Making Sourcing More Efficient

When it comes to developing features for JoinEight, our philosophy is simple – everything is built around activity-based solutions. We believe that you can’t always control the results in recruiting (or in life), but you can control the actions that drive open positions towards hire. We kept our platform simple so you can map and sync candidates from ATS to our platform without missing a beat.

Every candidate delivered to you is well-sourced and deeply analyzed, ensuring 80-100% accuracy and engagement. JoinEight’s Sourcing Intelligence Platform is powered by Job Intelligence and Recruiting Agent, which opens up the gateway to untapped, diverse, and qualified active and passive candidates.

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