Traditional recruiting methods to find diverse candidates are often manual, time-consuming, and frequently fail to provide much-needed visibility into the companies diversity recruiting efforts. Even with the best intentions, unconscious bias can find its way into the sourcing process, giving some candidates an advantage in the hiring process for the wrong reasons and opposed the best-intended diversity initiatives.


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Our Services

JoinEight diversity allows you to discover diverse talent, eliminate unconscious bias at the root of your sourcing process, and scale diversity hiring initiatives within your organization.

  • Build your tomorrow workforce today
  • Partnership with who support diversity initiatives
  • Track outreach to diverse community partners
  • Send jobs directly to underrepresented groups

Innovation through Diversity

JoinEight platform throughout your engagement allows you to set achievable and measurable goals based on your industry and region. Harness our industry knowledge to set realistic top-of-the-funnel diversity percentage targets, and get more out of Diversity Sourcing at the JoinEight platform
BI Consulting

Find candidates from under-represented groups.

Data Warehouse

Measure progress at your organization.

BI Implementation

Gain visibility into diversity sourcing efforts

BI Solutions

Build your workforce with partners who promote diversity recruitment.

Challenges We Solve

Companies looking to increase diversity often say it’s difficult to find sufficient talent from diverse backgrounds, especially for some highly-skilled positions. But more often than not, what they’re really saying is that they don’t know where to look.
JoinEight innovative solutions have but one goal: to help organizations remove bias and provide accountability while bringing talent and businesses together to enhance the livelihood, diversity, and growth of local communities
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