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With information, ideas, and know-how traveling freely across borders for decades, JoinEight opens borders for recruitment efforts, as well. With AI-powered sourcing, hiring managers have access to a global pool of candidates for their global needs. Remote recruitment solutions improve access to a wider diversity of professional talent, not hindered by distances or differences, with increased chances of finding the right fit, both in terms of qualifications and company values.

Wilder Talent Pool

With remote work becoming a stronger reality and the possibilities it opens, AI-powered sourcing is the passport companies need to become truly global, not only with the markets they serve but also with the markets they can tap into when looking for the right hires. A completely automated process lets hiring managers meet candidates while knowing they can count on the AI-confirmed fit for the specific job requirements.

The Era of the Remote

We notice a paradigm shift in the way we work, and remote-ready candidates are at the forefront of important office culture changes. A physical space will no longer be the epitome of belonging. Companies can use AI technology to find and reach out to people who understand that and can turn it into an advantage for themselves and their employer.

What Our Clients Say

David Towndrow, Recruiter

“Reaching to candidates across borders is a challenge we have to face if we want to remain competitive. This is not always easy, with all the different national and international regulations in place in the labor market, but it is rewarding to know that you can find your people and build a truly global team. I trust AI to point me to the closest people in terms of values and vision, no matter how big the physical distance between us.”

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the remote hiring feature work?

Remote hire is a feature on JoinEight platform that can be activated with a click. Candidates are then notified that the company is interested in remote hires, and this respective data point is then included in the AI algorithm.

Can the remote setting be turned on/off?

Once the remote hire feature is active on a campaign, this cannot be turned off. However, to make things easier for first-time customers, we offer them the possibility to reach out to our support team, who can help deactivate this option.

Are there any challenges to be aware of with remote recruiting?

JoinEight can put the advantages of global hiring at your fingertips, giving you access to candidates who fit your needs in terms of values, professional experience, and potential. However, working with people across borders and cultures is challenging as it is rewarding. We encourage you to build solid policies for hiring and managing global talent, focusing on any applicable guidelines and regulations.

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