As a startup company executive, I found a JoinEight platform to be user-friendly, allowing me to run a candidate search campaign. I built a candidate funnel with an 80% and above accuracy match. It’s a perfect solution for the early-stage startup.

When I heard the first time about JoinEight, I was skeptical. It sounded too good to be true then; the JoinEight sales team convinced me. Now I have been using the platform for the last 3 months, and I love it as how the platform every day suggests me a funnel of a candidate who […]

JoinEight brings a 10x multiplier in terms of the recruitment process. JoinEight’s algorithms help me to create candidate pipelines efficiently. It’ll take days, weeks, and even months to hire the ideal candidates in traditional hiring, whereas the JoinEight platform speeded the process and helped me hire a qualified candidate in a shorter time.

As a recruiter, it’s challenging for me to have a continuous funnel for all the open positions. JoinEight funnel building feature and sequence made my process much more automated.  Now, I have a better relationship with my hiring manager and candidates.

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