No business can survive without human resources. Every business, big or small, thrives on the capability of its recruitment force. The art of recruiting relies on finding candidates that perfectly fit the roles and are conducive to an organization’s growth. The right selection of a candidate can make or break companies. Given its importance in […]

Uncertainty leads to chaos, but it doesn’t always have to be so. Even as the Covid19 pandemic pushes our limits, the recruitment industry can ensure business continuity using virtual recruiting strategies. In fact, one can even say that it is even more imperative for recruiters to step on the accelerator right now.  Layoffs are everywhere, […]

Predictions are a part of every company strategy, predictions for the quarter, year, and the long-term future as well. While sales and revenue predictions have been happening for decades, even the recruitment sector is relying more on predictive hire. The skill of recruiting has undergone massive changes with the advent of technology. Until then, recruitment relied […]

“You can only bet on people, not on strategies” strategies may come and go but those entrusted with responsibilities to implement those strategies are the ones who will take forward the vision of the company. In this increasingly competitive world, every company strives to acquire such talented and keen individuals willing to work together to […]

Machine Learning, a subset of Artificial Intelligence that focuses on a systematic and statistical analysis of data with the intent of helping computers learn independently without having to be programmed. The concept revolves around the ability of the system to self-improve over time becoming smarter and faster. Breaking the Monotony of Repetitive Tasks One of […]

If the mission statement of your company and the set of values that you formulated are mere decorative plaques on your office walls, it’s time to actually breathe and live them every moment! Surely, if you are looking towards better organization growth and higher productivity, human resources are going to play the key roles in […]

The incredible speed of changing technology has influenced almost all work spheres and the shift can already be felt strongly in accessing human resources and formulating recruitment processes. The AI Factor With artificial intelligence and automation coming to the forefront of human existence, there is little wonder that there’s going to be a lot of […]

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