In order to expand the business and get new people to the team, companies usually go for an external approach to recruiting. That means, getting to a talent pool outside the company itself. While it has become quite an essential practice, the process has its own share of downsides. It has become increasingly difficult for companies to get the right hire nowadays as the potential pool of candidates has increased dramatically. External Recruiting has its benefits, especially getting NEW personalities and candidates with unique skill sets, new creative mindsets, and ideas from other industries/competitors. Let’s take a look at some for the challenges with External Recruitment: Time Consuming Process: With the potential to attract a large number of viable candidates, the meticulous process of shortlisting. Interviewing and offering declines can make it a time-consuming process. With the majority of job searches occurring online, it is entirely possible to encounter an overwhelming response to a public job post. Miscommunication with Agencies: Recruitment agencies may not have adequate knowledge about the culture of the organization and its intrinsic qualities. This can lead to skill set mismatches and complications for the company. This can lead to distrust between them, resulting in an overall loss and time sink to the company. High Cost to company: Screening a large number of candidates consumes more money. And figuring out a pay scale that works to the best of the candidate’s skill and ability is also another factor. Additional training costs for candidates can be a factor (albeit not always). Disputes and Adjustment issues: Current employees might not be so open to the addition of a new team member and might cause some dispute with the management. At the same time, the new employee may not be a good culture fit or have a conflicting work ethic that may cause them to leave/laid off. Risk ridden process: When a company looks to post their job opening publically, they are dealing with strangers. Every hire is a huge risk to the company, as anything can happen. This is apparent in smaller organizations, as teams are composed of just a few people, and hiring the wrong person can be devastating.

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