Companies have a big challenge, and that’s finding and making the best hires. The fact that so many startups want to work with the young new generation millennials is understandable. The enthusiasm and drive they bring to business really do freshen up the whole situation when things get drab. Yet connecting to them is something that people have been scratching their heads over to no end. There is a huge supply of them, but how exactly do companies get their hands on one? How have companies figured out a way to reel in those millennials? People have got quite a bit inventive when it comes to that, from giving them a sense of purpose, to investing in their professional development and offering them the job flexibility they crave. So let’s take a look at some of the methods being used: Flexible Job Schedules: This is one of the ways companies drift towards when they’re targets are the new generation of candidates. The fact that the majority of the millennial workforce doesn’t really care how long they have to work (as long as they are invested in it) and giving them the freedom to do “real” work and leave rather than just maintaining an 8-hour commitment has a much greater impact in persuading and keeping them in for the long haul. Attractive Job Description: Crafting your job into something that stands out and looks alluring is another approach taken by modern companies. Giving them the opportunity to grow and learn new skills, while maturing into the whole lifestyle of your company. Letting them know exactly what they’re in for is better said now, than later. Everyone wants to work for money. But honestly, that just is not good enough nowadays, there has to be something else that really keeps people attached to make them stay long-term. Shares options, health benefits, travel compensation-you name it. Connecting the Brand: Getting the brand to stand out is something not a lot of organizations do, but it’s arguably crucial right now. Companies are scrambling to get themselves online and on social media because that’s the best place to reach the new-gen girls and boys. Maintaining a good Brand Image has proven to work wonders for keeping a steady inflow of relevant candidates. Sometimes it’s remarkable how a startup that’s crammed into a garage is able to get some of the best talents. Some of the biggest companies have started from a garage. And that’s what happens when you align your core values to the goals of the millennials. Making them believe you are doing something amazing that will impact the world is invaluable in getting that dream candidate. Basically, defining WHY Millenials should choose your company over any other is something that is not given enough importance. We at JoinEight have built and pioneered an innovative new solution to how companies can reinvent themselves as a brand, we are bringing back the human connection to the recruitment process. Get to know your candidate first before you hire, and get the best culture fit. Build your employer brand and host productive events. Utilize data and analytics to get the most efficient and accurate output with our Engagement Tracking Software (ETS) and candidate tracking system (CTS).

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