Machine Learning, a subset of Artificial Intelligence that focuses on a systematic and statistical analysis of data with the intent of helping computers learn independently without having to be programmed. The concept revolves around the ability of the system to self-improve over time becoming smarter and faster. Breaking the Monotony of Repetitive Tasks One of the biggest uses of machine learning technology is its effective use in automating repetitive tasks. This is of course a regular feature in a lot of industry verticals including that of recruitment and hiring. Regular and big recruiters that are faced with a huge pool of candidates can certainly make maximum use of this technology. In fact, it is predicted that a recruiter’s ability to hire the best talents will now clearly depend on how intelligently she/he automates the workflow! Advertise, Screen and Engage With almost every recruiter worth the salt opting for automated processes, it is good to know how you can make the best use of this amazing technology. Advertising, sourcing, screening, and engagement are among the top repetitive tasks that you are up against every day in your daily capacity as a recruiter. You can get smart by “doing more with less” using machine learning for each of these processes. Machines can be used to pick up the language and its pattern used in job adverts and use them attractively to impress more candidates. A lot of these adverts are proving to be more effective than those that are still being written down manually! The next step in your recruitment process naturally involves screening the enormous data that has just emerged from potential candidates. Doing it manually is not just tedious but eats upon the precious hours that you can spend on more productive human engagement within the organization. With the use of machine learning, you can leave it to the computer to screen the CV’s by identifying and correlating keywords concerning experiences and traits, skills and abilities. An appropriate and relevant list of candidates is ready before you in no time! Screening of shortlisted candidates is yet another tedious process that you can easily entrust your knowledgeable computer to do when it comes to using machine learning! Get to measure the candidate’s soft skills, culture fit and aptitude and find if they she/he is the perfect match for the role. Once you’ve found the right fit, it’s important to keep the person impressed with continual engagement from your end. Let machine learning do that for you with the computer bots sending out messages at regular intervals and also answering basic queries of candidates. The Future is Bright The latest addition being made to the machine learning process is to formulate algorithms that can predict your future hires. Identifying and assessing high potential candidates with the key measure of personality and aptitude can cut out recruitment time and reduce costs considerably. However, the biggest challenge that comes from using machine learning in recruitment processes is algorithms picking up biases from past trends and practices. Gender and racial preferences rank highest and this is where technology needs further advancement. With proper supervision, you can surely make the best use of machine learning making the process smooth and error-free.

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