If the mission statement of your company and the set of values that you formulated are mere decorative plaques on your office walls, it’s time to actually breathe and live them every moment! Surely, if you are looking towards better organization growth and higher productivity, human resources are going to play the key roles in it. It’s imperative that you let your employees see and feel for themselves that you are replicating the company values in the workplace everyday. Attract the Best Candidates with Core Values The first step towards the process of attracting stellar candidates and also retaining them is to communicate the company’s values and objectives clearly in the job opening. People that agree with them are most likely to get attracted and respond to such openings quickly. But it is only when they see all of it being practiced even at the time of interview, the chances of your company winning them over and ultimately retaining them score high. Living them Out Maybe Difficult Once you hire people that believe in your company values, you have people with you that can actually translate them into action and ultimately make them visible. This of course includes making uncomfortable decisions at times like restructuring of the team or reworking the partners with whom you work. Running a company on the basis of the core values that it lays down can be difficult to say the least. But when it comes to common values like integrity, honesty, impact, communication and the like, there are just no substitutes. Values Matter at the End of the Day Today, most people quit jobs because they are not happy with the work culture prevalent in their workplace! Even higher wages and fancy titles can take the beating in the face of inappropriate work culture that is devoid of the values that the company promised. Investing in employees, creating values and maintaining them while cultivating a culture of belongingness are the keys to retain the cream level of employees for your company. Your employees then start believing in the company that naturally propels them to commit to it even more seriously. The space for a mutual growth process opens up where people inspired by the company that they work for give in their best for the company’s growth knowing that the company will in turn boost personal growth. Embracing and getting inspired by the company’s values help most employees work harder by making those values their own. It Bonds the “Family” Tightly Living by the company’s values brings those working for it together as a team closer with a familial bonding between them. Employees that are part of a company that actually “walks the talk” are sure to have higher rates of work engagement with a distinct element of pride belonging to the same “family.” The natural outcome of this better bonding is increased productivity with quality output. Such employees are also likely to respond more positively in the face of difficult and challenging situations. Such a team is more likely to engage in a problem solving process or tiding over grim phases as one entity in a bid to accomplish the goal leading to the best solution.

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