One of the first facts that we tend to overlook while getting into the cycle of automated existence is that it is humans that created them all the way! We humans first interacted, got to understand needs and problems in different aspects of life, and then got down to work to have the automation in place. Humans Influence Each Other The world still belongs to humans and is run by interactions between them. Even if we leave aside the world of politics, negotiations, and interactions while looking for solutions and day-to-day running of states and countries, at the micro-level there’s still a lot more happening between humans and because of humans. A harried passenger changing a ticket with the automated teller or a woman ordering medicines for her sick child through digitized pharmacy will vouch how they would have done so much better with genuine human interaction. Digitization surely has benefited humans beyond measure. But, it is the human interaction that augments these advantages. Interactions Continue After Birth Let’s begin with the birth of a human child. The warmth of a human holding a wrapped baby close to the breast is the continuation of the interaction that the child had with the mother in the womb. This chain of communication not just continues but expands as the child joins peer groups and adults. The best learning takes place in the presence of strong human interaction along with the exposure to a range of emotions like sympathy, empathy, love, care concern and so much more. History, culture, nature and related aspects enrich and inform the growing individuals to imbibe the way that society has reached its automated stage today. Entering areas related to the workspace, humans are surely aided by technology. But hiring without a human face is improbable and working without other humans alongside impossible. Sure, human interactions come with frictions. But this is where human presence and intelligence both work to minimize them and keep interactions flowing smoothly. Cultures evolve, teams bond, collaborations form and targets met – all by humans who do it all. Prudently optimized use of technology surely helps the process but certainly not sans humans! Connect and Opine Social media sure is the latest way of communication. But at the end of the day, it connects humans that reach out across platforms across lands, rivers and oceans to connect, opine, protest, like and change society. It is humans that are at the core of all such activities observing each other’s behavior, getting influenced by them and deciding on future consequences. Final Word Comes from Humans & by Humans From the different stages of learning to work for the major part of the day, relaxing at the end of the day to holidaying and partying during the weekends, the full-range of human analog interactions and reactions are irreplaceable by the digital simulations. The gurgles that turn into chuckles in an office are responsible for turning those misunderstanding frowns to satisfying smiles through words of deft negotiations. Human interaction still holds nations together despite disagreements, keep workspaces alive letting coworkers thrive professionally, personally and mentally and families knit together for human societies to progress further and find ways to make the world even better.

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