No longer are companies, businesses and operations looked upon as inert entities. Rather, most people would like to perceive them as bodies with personalities that stem directly from the values and beliefs that they uphold! What is Culture Fit? When people upholding the same personality and value system come together, it results in a culture. The business and its employees merge as one to become culturally fit complementing each other and augmenting growth and development. New people joining the system either should be chosen from the same cultural background or from among those that have the disposition to adapt and gel with it instantly and seamlessly. How does it Affect Retention? Hiring culture fit human resources is among the leading factors that are directly responsible for highly successful companies with a high retention rate to post bigger profits. With an average employee spending about a third of her/his lifetime in the workplace, it is imperative that they feel comfortable in their own skin being there. Working with like-minded people and being immersed in a likable work culture ethos is a sure boost for employees. It easily eliminates irregularity issues and problems of absenteeism. The feeling of working for a company and holding a job that matches one’s personality traits lets the person become more confident and competent in her/his capacity. There is better engagement among employees that share the same belief, strengthening their bond as team members and encouraging them to work harder. This is surely a critical factor when it comes to measuring business success. What happens when Culture does not fit? An organization with a strong and defined culture needs people that are open to collaboration and communication. Values and cultural beliefs of employees that are not in unison result in disjointed priorities. A team without cohesion and having strong professional and personal differences is a liability to the business. Sharp fallouts and nagging disagreements do little to build reputation and mark progress in a fiercely competitive market. Culture Fit, Mental Health, and Retention There is also a strong aspect of the mental health of employees spending the major part of their everyday lives in the same cultural space. After all, most mental health problems in the world today stems from people failing to find a balance between their personal preferences and professional lives. People whose personalities perfectly complement that of the workplace are less likely to show signs of anxiety and depression. Employees get the feel of having better control over their lives with more personal space and freedom while also excelling professionally. Retention and Branding It is undeniable that happy employees are more likely to project a better image of the company than any commercial can do. When your company comprises a group of people that not just believe but live every moment of their lives in what it gives out to them, the benefits extend beyond large profit margins. By hiring culture fit people you are actually creating a sustained society that lives by the name of the company – a branding for life.

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