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Recruiting Funnel Building — Simplified

JoinEight is a platform designed for recruiters and hiring teams that lets you start funnel building for an open position in less than 5 minutes. 

  • What if I am not reaching active and passive candidates that my competitors can reach?
  • Should I hire more recruiters or external agency partners to increase my pipeline?

Recruiting Funnel Building — Simplified

JoinEight is a platform designed for recruiters and hiring teams that lets you start funnel building for an open position in less than 5 minutes. 

  • What if I am not reaching active and passive candidates that my competitors can reach?
  • Should I hire more recruiters or external agency partners to increase my pipeline?

The First Recruiting Funnel Building Platform

Our technology helps you build recruitment funnels with a continuously filled pipeline. We use an AI-driven and data-centric approach to gather and synchronize your data and learn from your sourcing behavior. We use this data to optimize and deliver better engagement between the hiring team and candidates.

  • Funnel building
  • Predictive hiring
  • Automated scheduling

Who Can Benefit

JoinEight is built on a powerful AI engine and the belief that finding the right person for the right position is of absolute importance, no matter the stage or the size of your company. People are the most important resource of a business and it is only by finding our true tribe that we can hope to thrive on the competitive global market of our times.

Strategic - Early Stage

The agile and flexible mindset of the startup meets the sourcing of the future. AI-powered sourcing can help you find the best people faster and with a fraction of the costs, so you can give your new idea the best shot at success.

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Growth - Mid-Size

Managing an established business doesn’t come without its challenges. With JoinEight’s powerful algorithm and seamless integration, finding the right people, whose values, experience and potential can further the company’s growth, will not be one of those challenges.

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Enterprise - Large

With big success come big opportunities. Using the continuous, automated funnels and tapping into the geographically and culturally diverse talent pool available through JoinEight, companies can scale up, move fast and go global.

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How we Streamline the Sourcing Process

Reduced Cost Per Hire – Most companies have an inefficient system for their recruitment funnel. These inefficiencies significantly increase the company’s cost per hire. Our optimized funnel cuts out the waste while regularly delivering qualified candidates.

Time-Efficient Hiring: Reduce the time spent on recruiting by over 70%. Our algorithm streamlines the time your team spends on sourcing candidates using AI and machine learning solutions so that you can focus on more delicate aspects of the recruitment process.

Improved Brand Engagement: Improve your employer brand by engaging candidates more intimately. Leave it to our algorithm to provide qualified candidates, so you can allocate your resources more effectively in engaging them.

How it Works

Continuous Pipeline

Our algorithm keeps learning and refreshing to bring you the most accurate results at any time. By understanding recruiter patterns, it keeps searching to ensure only the best matches are shown.

Diverse Funnel

By eliminating human biases, our AI can quickly sift through hundreds of candidate profiles and bring you the most qualified and talented candidates from diverse backgrounds.

Candidate Engagement

Recruiters can take the load off their shoulders by having an automated funnel. This way, they can focus more on creating engagement between the candidates and the company.

Brand Engagement

With the robust outreach involved in the recruitment funnel, you capture highly-qualified candidates and improve the company’s perception in the marketplace. You not only get your pipeline filled but also enhance your brand image to potential candidates.

Positive Social Presence

Everyone wants to be a part of the company where employees’ concerns are prioritized. The positive feedback from the recruitment process encourages candidates to apply for positions with your organization.


Features That Your Business Needs

JoinEight’s platform can step in for recurring yet crucial recruitment tasks, giving you more time to strategize around company goals.

Job Posting Campaign

It is a collaboration and Boolean search approach for an exact and skill-based sourcing process. It produces better results by optimizing the strategy based on your choices.

Pipeline Builder

Get a constant supply of best-matching candidates for every job posting campaign and at any time.

Automated Reach Out

A built-in process establishes an automated emailing system to candidates once they have been approved for the vacancy.

Diverse Hires

With unconscious biases out of the picture, the algorithm matches diverse candidates’ skills with the job specifications.

Hard-to-find Candidates

Our referral hiring enables anyone to suggest possible candidates from their network who otherwise may not be available in the active job search process.

Calendar Scheduling

The candidate gets the shared calendar link with the hiring team to connect and learn directly about the open position.

Our Products


Job Intelligence

Job Intelligence is a unique platform that provides a better experience for the candidates and the hiring team as the alert connects the job and the candidate.

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Candidate Tracking

A tool to cut down on tedious sourcing time and improve efficiency. Track all your candidate details in one place.

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Recruiting Agent

A referral-based system allows anyone to become a recruiter by sharing their network contacts for a job opportunity.

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Engagement Tracking

This tool provides you the right avenue for all your candidate engagements, which take place in the initial hiring stage.

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Find the best talent faster with an AI-driven sourcing intelligence platform

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With JoinEight’s recruiting solutions, companies can automate their recruitment tasks, improve the hiring process with better candidate matches, and create a productive culture of forward-thinking employees.

  • Boost Social Feedback
  • Retention
  • Better Candidate Engagement
  • Less Offer Decline Rate
  • Improve Employee Morale
  • Brand Engagement

Recruiting Tech Stack – Built For Your Company

We seamlessly bring together JoinEight’s and partners’ automated workflows, unified talent data, and blended insights. Build your tech stack with confidence.

Don’t see your ATS listed? Don’t worry – contact our team at support@joineight.ai and we’ll help you out.

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