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To target significantly better, you have to start with the end in mind,i.e., hiring more people who are similar to your best hires.

JoinEight is a sourcing intelligence platform transforming traditional hiring practices. JoinEight’s AI uses historical data to refine your lookalike candidate funnel. It minutely analyzes your actions on previous job campaigns to keep refining results for your future job campaigns. The system stays agile by continuously learning and providing a more accurate candidate funnel. As a recruiter, you can finally predict, with mathematical confidence, exactly which candidates can be a fit for your open positions.

This approach to targeting candidates helps recruiters to focus on candidates at the top of the hiring funnel. Instead of spending resources on those who aren’t a good fit, you can concentrate on those who have a higher probability of getting recruited. JoinEight’s platform can reach out and bring you new candidates worth pursuing through our Recruiting Agent platform.

Who We Are

We are a sourcing intelligence platform powered by artificial intelligence, machine learning, and robust analytics to find your ideal candidate with agility and efficiency.
To empower companies to build great teams.
Our mission is to turn every recruiter into an efficient sourcing machine through features like AI, lookalike candidates, analytics, and smart workflow automation.

What Can You Do with Sourcing Intelligence

JoinEight is the first AI platform that solves the funnel building challenge for companies. We are the AI lead generator for hire, saving money and time and increasing your productivity by 85%. No longer do companies need to be dependent on expensive hiring tools, agencies, and a vast empire of recruiters to source quality candidates.

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    Recruiting performance
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    Predict behavior
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    Diversity initiatives
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    Wider reach
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    Understand customers
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    Predict behavior
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    Identify trends
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    insights into data

Recruiting Tech Stack – Built For Your Company

Seamlessly we bring together JoinEight and Partners automated workflows, unified talent data, and blended insights. Build your tech stack with confidence.

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