The recruitment and hiring industry is changing, those that cling on to old practices are bound to have mixed results. There are now certain trends in the industry that must be utilized to get the best outcomes. With the whole landscape changing, here are the top 5 recruitment trends in 2020: Recruitment Automation Tools: Recruitment automation […]

In order to expand the business and get new people to the team, companies usually go for an external approach to recruiting. That means, getting to a talent pool outside the company itself. While it has become quite an essential practice, the process has its own share of downsides. It has become increasingly difficult for […]

Companies have a big challenge, and that’s finding and making the best hires. The fact that so many startups want to work with the young new generation millennials is understandable. The enthusiasm and drive they bring to business really do freshen up the whole situation when things get drab. Yet connecting to them is something […]

The incredible speed of changing technology has influenced almost all work spheres and the shift can already be felt strongly in accessing human resources and formulating recruitment processes. The AI Factor With artificial intelligence and automation coming to the forefront of human existence, there is little wonder that there’s going to be a lot of […]

If the mission statement of your company and the set of values that you formulated are mere decorative plaques on your office walls, it’s time to actually breathe and live them every moment! Surely, if you are looking towards better organization growth and higher productivity, human resources are going to play the key roles in […]

No longer are companies, businesses and operations looked upon as inert entities. Rather, most people would like to perceive them as bodies with personalities that stem directly from the values and beliefs that they uphold! What is Culture Fit? When people upholding the same personality and value system come together, it results in a culture. […]


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